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1. Using a drill bit or a similar tool, cut a circular or square notch, depending on the size of the discs, until you reach the basis material. This is intended to define accurately the measuring surface.

2. Stick on the surface to be tested a disc of the appropriate size. To achieve this, you may use a standard epoxy-base quick adhesive.

3. The test consists in drawing out the cut element using the instrument. The result is given in kN.


Ring retaining clamp + shouldered ring

1. Fix an appropriate shouldered ring to the fixing device to be tested.

2. Position the instrument and start the pulling out test by rotating smoothly the wheel in the clockwise direction.

Turnbuckle fork

1. Position the unit on the support to be tested.

2. Using the turnbuckle, secure the fork on the ring.

3. To perform the test, rotate the wheel in the clockwise direction.