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Traction dynamometer providing information about the adhesion strength and cohesion of materials.
Thanks to hydraulic transmission of axial movement, the strength is apply with a constantly increasing.
The twin hydraulic system allow to the measurement part to be independent from the movement part.
Reading on digital indicator, pressure sensor with peak value. The indicator operated with one 3 volt battery (type CR2430), stopping automatically after 15 min.

  • Ease of used on site and laboratory
  • Packaged in a transport case with a ball head screw

The lightest unit in the range is the DTEpico Vrd  is essential for all adhesion testing on work sites.
It may be used with disc of Ø 20 mm, Ø 50 mm, 20 x 20 mm et 50 x 50 mm.
Measurements with a wheel, and reading of the results on digital indicator with peak value.
Ease of use and quick setting up.
Packaged in a transport case with a ball head screw.

Reference Tensile strength Unit of reading Weight of the apparatus Ball head screw
DTE Léo2 250 rd 2,5 kN 0,003 kN ~3,1 kg M8
DTE Eco2 500 rd 5 kN 0,003 kN ~3,1 kg M8
DTE Eco2 V 1600 rd 16 kN 0,005 kN ~3,1 kg M8

Compatible accessories