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Traction dynamometer providing information about the adhesion strength and cohesion of materials. Thanks to hydraulic transmission of axial movement, the strength is apply with a constantly increasing.
The twin hydraulic system allow to the measurement part to be independent from the movement part.

  • Reading on a pointer indicator with peak value
  • Ease of used on site and laboratory

Packaged in a transport case with a ball head screw.

Reference Tensile strength Unit of reading Weight of the apparatus Handle Revolution counter Twin hydraulic system Ball head screw
DTH 500 dc 5 kN 0,05 kN ~3,600 kg M8
DTH 1600 dc 16 kN 0,10 kN ~3,600 kg M8
DTH 2500 25 kN 0,25 kN ~6,100 kg M12
DTH 5000 50 kN 0,50 kN ~7,100 kg M12

Compatible accessories