Testing discs

Round :
Ø20 314 mm²
Ø50 1963 mm²
Ø112 9995,30 mm²

Square :
20 400 mm²
50 2500 mm²
100 10000 mm²


Carbide drill bit of Ø20mm and Ø50mm

Manual drill bit of Ø20mm and Ø50mm

Ball socket for ball-head screws

Ball-head screws M8 & M12

Retaining clamp for shouldered rings

Slotted shouldered ring for shouldered end pin

Threaded shouldered ring for female end pin

Tapped shouldered ring for male end pin

Turnbuckle fork

Collar head pin for insulating materials

Case with a set of shouldered rings

Two-part epoxy adhesive

Ring nut for wheel